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Hi everyone, I'm a tall, slim, outgoing very friendly caring young lady, ready to make new friends and have an enjoyable social life with lots of dancing and fun. I'm 6ft in height without heels 6ft 6" with, a perfect size 8 figure, brown eyes, and some have been known to say, I look very pretty.
I was born a hermaphrodite and was brought up as boy, but at the age of eleven I grew breasts, which were removed surgically at thirteen, due to the constant bulling and prejudice I faced daily. I hate what they did too me, I was given hormone treatment to the age of fifteen, but It didn't work due to me having female chromosomes.
So due to my breasts being removed I call myself a T-girl although being that I live my life as a woman I should by rights call myself Transgender. I have come to love myself which allows me to go and enjoy life, also may in turn help others who have faced the same torment. I walk talk like a girl, I'm very sub gentle and aim to please.
My weekend pursuits are dancing in clubs, Pink Punters being one of many I go too, I'm hoping to soon go out doing my own stand-up comedy show which is in the final process of preparation, which should be laugh (hopefully).
I live on a farm, which is not only idyllic but very relaxing too, just to let you know I live on my own as I'm single without any commitments.
I love to dress a bit tarty and my favorite piece of clothing is my platform high hell shoes, with my long legs it looks so sexy.

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